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Using Media (Images, Video, Audio)

This guide includes UT Southwestern licensed resources and web sites and that provide access to information in traditional presentation formats: audio, images, and video.

User Responsibility

It is the policy of the University of Texas System and its institutions to follow the United State Copyright Law of 1976, as amended.  Refer to the UT System Policy 107, Use of Copyrighted Materials (see link below). 

Even though some of the resources and web sites allow use of their materials for educational and non-commercial purposes, it is your responsibility to read and follow the usage and copyright policies of a media resource.  Look for usage and copyright policies under “About Us,” “Frequently Asked Question,” “Terms and Conditions,” “Terms of Use,” “Copyright” or “Contact Us” on the media resource's website.  

Before using the media, the usage and copyright policies may:

  • require you to include an acknowledgement/attribution
  • provide the specific wording for the acknowledgement/attribution
  • provide required citation format
  • require you to submit a permission request form
  • require a fee to use media based on the permission request form

Note, requesting permissions can be time consuming.  It is recommended to plan accordingly and incorporate 4 – 8 weeks for response times.