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Using Media (Images, Video, Audio)

This guide includes UT Southwestern licensed resources and web sites and that provide access to information in traditional presentation formats: audio, images, and video.

In this section, the UT Southwestern Health Sciences Library and Digital Learning Center (Library) has summarized the usage rights of select licensed resources based on available information. As the Library cannot confirm the 100% accuracy on the usage rights, it is recommended that you use the provided information as a starting point. Review the resource's usage and copyright policies under “About Us,” “Frequently Asked Question,” “Terms and Conditions,” “Terms of Use,” “Copyright” or “Contact Us” before downloading the media.

For more information, see Electronic Resources - Responsible Use.

ClinicalKey for Nursing

ClinicalKey for Nursing is a point-of-care tool, which includes textbooks, journals, guidelines, images, etc.

ClinicalKey-for-Nursing-Quick-Sheet-Get-Started-Guide.pdf ( – see page 6 on how to add images to a presentation.  NOTE:  you must have a ClinicalKey for Nursing account and be logged in.

Do I need permission to use ClinicalKey for Nursing content? - ClinicalKey for Nursing Support Center (