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Poster & Presentation Support Guide: ePosters

ePosters can be as simple as a PDF version of a traditionally designed poster. They also can be an opportunity to add multimedia content such as audio, video and animation.

Below are samples of ePosters made in Prezi. There is a multi-page example and a traditional poster single page example below the presentation.

Getting Started with ePosters

This presentation is a brief introduction to the types of ePosters presented in an ePoster format.

Check how your video is going to present on the device (i.e. tablet, screen, smart phone). The sample in this presentation is on slide #4. It shows how shooting video in portrait mode can be problematic. A good tip for Apple devices is to make sure the volume button is facing down on the device when shooting in landscape mode.)

Traditional poster into multi-page ePoster using Prezi

The sample is how you can take a traditional poster format and make it a multi-page interactive experience by focusing on the various sections of the poster in sequence without creating multiple posters. 

Multi-page presentation ePoster

This multi-page sample uses a more traditional presentation format to show academic poster content across multiple slides. This could be helpful if you already have a presentation for this content.