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Ovid Database Guide: Epub Ahead of Print and In-Process, In-Data-Review & Other Non-Indexed Citations

Access Database

Coverage: 1946 to present

This database contains records with the following possible status besides MEDLINE: Publisher, In-Data-Review, In-Process and PubMed-not-MEDLINE records from NLM.

Search Tips

Clarification Regarding Records

The Publisher records in this database have recently been added to PubMed via electronic submission from a publisher and will proceed soon to the next stage ("In-Process"). This tag is also on citations received before late-2003 if they are from (1) journals not indexed for MEDLINE or (2) a journal that was accepted for MEDLINE after the citations' publication date. Bibliographic data on these citations have not been reviewed.

The In-Data-Review records have been submitted to the National Library of Medicine electronically by the publisher. The journal title, date of publication, and volume/issue (i.e., source data) are being checked.

The In-Process records are undergoing a citation level review – i.e., the author names, article title, and pagination are being checked.

Search Tips

  • Use keyword searching technique. Terms will include spelling variations (English, British) and synonyms.
  • Select a search field with applicable. For example, the Text Word (TW) index is an alias for all of the fields in a database that contain text words and are appropriate for a subject search. The Text Word index in Ovid includes Title (TI) and Abstract (AB).