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Ovid Database Guide: Biological Abstracts

Access Database

Coverage: 1980 to 2003

Provides citations for journals, books, conference proceedings, and technical reports in the life sciences, animal science, and biology. This closed database file provides information covering 1980 through 2003 via the Ovid database system.

Search Tips

Basic Search Tips

  • Enter keyword or phrase (* or $ for truncation).

Advanced Searching

  • Limited truncation specifies a maximum number of characters that may follow the root word or phrase. For example, searching for dog$1 retrieves results with the words "dog" and "dogs", but it does not retrieve results with the word "dogma".


  • Some limits are available in the Biological Abstracts® Archive only.
  • A limit to Invertebrates will retrieve records that contain the term in Super Taxa (ST) and/or Taxa Notes (TN).

Support / Tutorials

‚ÄčEmail Ovid Support for technical issues with the platform.

Video Tutorials