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Create & Connect Your ORCID Account to UT Southwestern

Choose from the following options for your ORCID account registration:

UT Southwestern Medical Center participates as a "Trusted Organization" to connect with our students and researchers. ORCID is adopted widely by educational institutions, publishers, and grantors and is utilized in databases like Scopus.

Registration for an ORCID identifier – also known as an ORCID iD – is a quick process that requires only an email and password to get started. Once the account is created, you will be assigned your unique ORCID iD, and you will be able to more fully develop your ORCID record.

By establishing your ORCID iD with UT Southwestern, you will allow UT Southwestern access to the trusted affiliation and public-level information you choose to share from your ORCID record, which will provide tracking capabilities for future uses. You will also authorize the ability for UT Southwestern to update your affiliation data and your scholarly works (publications, grants, etc.) if implemented in the future. Source data from UT Southwestern may further legitimize your ORCID record content. Please note: You always maintain complete control over your ORCID record, including what is shown and shared with UT Southwestern and the general public.