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Coverage: 1966 to present

Multidisciplinary scientific database covering 25 million abstracts from more than 14,000 titles across 4,000 publishers. Includes journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, and web sites in the physical sciences, health sciences, life sciences, and social sciences.

Search Tips

Basic Search Tips

  • Stop words are ignored in the search.
  • Search for accented characters either with or without the accent. The results contain both variants.
    Example: "España" and "Espana" are both found whether you entered "espana" or "españa".

Advanced Searching

  • W/n indicates distance between words, but not the order.
    Example: "journal W/2 publishing", where "journal" can be found within a distance of two words from "publishing".
  • Pre/n indicates terms must appear in a specific order between words
    Example: "behavioral PRE/3 disturbances", where "behavioral" precedes "disturbances" within three (3) words


  • Scopus has a number of documents labeled as Open Access (OA). OA refers to content in which all peer-reviewed, scholarly articles are online and available without any restrictions. You have the option to select whether or not to search only on Open Access documents available in Scopus.