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Helen Mayo

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Helen Mayo
- Provide online literature searches and answer reference questions
- Provide individual training sessions in Library products and services
- Collaborate with clients on appropriate projects such as journal articles, presentations, and book chapters
- Act as Liaison to multiple departments
- Serve on Institutional Review Board 2

- Library products and services, such as Ovid MEDLINE, the Cochrane Library and SCOPUS
- Evidence Based Medicine
- Alternative Medicine Resources

- Clinical Scholars
- Department of Clinical Sciences
- Emergency Medicine
- Institutional Review Board
- Office of Faculty Diversity and Development
- Office of Women's Careers
- Orthopedic Surgery
- Plastic Surgery
- Promotion and Tenure
- Surgery
- Surgery - GI/Endocrine Surgery
- Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
- Surgery - Trauma/Burn/Critical Care
- Surgery - Surgery Research Office

- Evidence Based Medicine
- Medical Informatics
- Customer Service
- Systematic Reviews

- MLS, University of Maryland College Park, Library & Information Sciences
- B.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County, Option II: Biology and History
- Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
- Evidence-Based Medicine and the Medical Librarian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008

- Mentor, FPIN Librarian Mentor Program, 2008-present
- Member, UT Southwestern EBM Curriculum Committee, 2007-2008
- Member, UT Southwestern Institutional Review Board, 2004-present
- Member, Family Practice Grants Committee, 2002-2004
- FPIN Librarian, Family Physicians Information Network, 2002-present
- Member, Parkland/Children’s Joint Research Committee, 1999-2001
- Member, Parkland Housewide Patient/Family Education Committee, 1998-present
- Member, UT Southwestern Appeal Panel, 1997-2000
- Member, Fund Raising Committee, South Central Chapter/MLA, 1996-1998
- Member, Ad Hoc Fund Raising Committee, South Central Chapter/MLA, 1995-1996
- Member, Internet Working Group, American Medical Informatics Association, 1995-2004
- Member, Research Resource Committee, Library Research Section, Medical Library Association, 1993-1996
- Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, South Central Chapter/MLA 22nd Annual Meeting, 1993-1994
- Member, HealthLINE, 1989-present
- Chair, TALON Online/Reference Committee, TALON Regional Medical Library Program, 1989-90
- Member, TALON Online/Reference Committee, TALON Regional Medical Library Program, 1988-89
- Chair, Taskforce on Bibliographic Access, AHE Electronic Regional Library Catalog on CD-ROM Study, 1986 - 1987
- Member, South Central Chapter/Medical Library Association (formerly SCRG/MLA), 1983-present
- Member, Health Science Library Section Membership Committee, Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, - American Library Association, 1982-1984
- Member, ANSC Subcommittee on Publications Patterns and Detailed Holdings, RTSD Serials Section Policy and Research - Committee, American Library Association, 1980-1981
- Member, Education and Scholarship Committee, Pennsylvania Library Association, 1980-1981
- Library representative, University Senate, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1979

- “Pain Management After Elective Foot and Ankle Surgery:A Systematic Review of Literature.” Poster session with J Wang, GT Liu, and GP Joshi Texas Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, September 2013.
- “Evidence-Based Searching in Undergraduate Internal Medicine Education.” Presented paper with W Olmstadt and K Alexander, South Central Chapter/MLA 31th Annual meeting, October 2004.
- “Internet Web-based Materials in Family Medicine Education: A National Survey.” Poster session with CL Murphy-Cullen, AK Marcee, GW Schneider, RV King, RD Frey, 31st Annual Meeting of the North American Primary Care Research Group, October 2003 and Medical Library Association 104th Annual Meeting, May 2004.
- "The Role of the Librarian in the Creation of Low Literacy Patient Education Handouts." Poster session with SF Pestonjee, Medical Library Association 103rd Annual Meeting, May 2003 and South Central Chapter/MLA 30th Annual meeting, October 2003.
- "To Banner or Not to Banner? User Research on a Web Marketing Tool," poster session with S Giles, H Radley, T Ramos, J Tan, South Central Chapter/MLA 30th Annual meeting, October 2003. (3rd place SCC/MLA Research Award (poster) 2003)
- “Collaborative Development: Building a Subject Guide with Faculty Input.” Poster session with CL Murphy-Cullen, R Frey, K Harker, South Central Chapter/MLA 29th Annual meeting, October 2002 and Medical Library Association 103rd Annual Meeting, May 2003 and 36th Annual Meeting of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, September 2003.

- Bernstein IH, Mayo H. Profile of Mood States – Second Edition. In Carlson JF, Geisinger KF, Jonson JL (eds), The Nineteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook., Lincoln, NE, Buros Center for Testing - University of Nebraska Press, 2014. p. 569-571.
- Puzziferri N, Roshek TB, Gallagher R, Mayo HG, Belle SH, Livingston EH (2014) Long-term follow-up after bariatric surgery: a systematic review, JAMA, 312(9):934-42.
- Roshni R, Euhus D, Mayo HG, Balch C. (2013) Axillary Node Interventions in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review, JAMA, 310(13): 1385-1394.
- Crossno, J., DeShay, C. H., Huslig, M. A., Mayo, H. G., & Patridge, E. F. (2012). A case study: The evolution of a "facilitator model" liaison program in an academic medical library. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 100(3), 171-175.
- Mayo, Helen G. Emergency Medicine In Thompson, Laurie L, Mori L. Higa, Esther Carrigan, Rajia Tobia (eds), The Medical Library Association's Master Guide to Authoritative Information Resources in the Health Sciences., New York, Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2011. p. 187-192.
- Huma Shah Z, Rao S, Mayo HG, Fashner J. (2008) What are the most effective physician delivered interventions for smoking cessation?, Journal of Family Practice, 57(7): 478-479.
- King RV, Murphy-Cullen CL, Mayo HG, Marcee AK, Schneider GW. (2007) Use of computers and the internet by residents in US family medicine programmes, Medical Informatics & the Internet in Medicine, 32(2):149-155.
- Rao S, Cherukuri M, Mayo H, Sehgal M. (2007) What is the best approach to the treatment of hypertension in African-American patients?, Journal of Family Practice, 56(2):149-151.
- Patridge E, Mayo HG. (2007) Inservices on the Floor: A New Approach to Teaching Hospital Nurses, Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 7(4):131-136.
- Klam C, Neher JO, Mayo H, Lo V. (2006) What is the best medical therapy for new-onset type 2 diabetes?, Journal of Family Practice, 55(11):998-1000.
- Tubbs C, Niemi H,, Mayo HG, Warren M. (2005) What is the best treatment for pertussis?, Journal of Family Practice, 54(12):1096-1098.
- Giles S,, Mayo HG, Radley H, Ramos T, Tan J. (2005) To Banner or Not to Banner? Research on a Web Marketing Tool., Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 52(2):89-94.
- Palacios LC, Jones WY, Mayo HG, Malaty W. (2004) Do Steroid injections help with osteoarthritis of the knee?, Journal of Family Practice, 53(11):921-922.
- Tubbs CG, Safeek A, Mayo HG, Markova T. (2004) Do routine eye exams reduce the occurrence of blindness in Type 2 diabetic patients?, Journal of Family Practice, 53(9):732-733.
- Richmond JR, Babcock CF, Mayo H, Hoekzema G. (2004) Are beta-2-agonists or anticholingerics more effective for treating COPD?, Journal of Family Practice, 53(6):494-496.
- Blum N, Kamens CH, Mayo H, Holt J. (2004) What treatments are safe and effective for mild to moderate hypertension in pregnancy?, Journal of Family Practice, 53(6):492-494.
- Mayo HG, Pestonjee SF. (2004) Creating Understandable Health Information, Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 4(4):113-118.
- Wilson SA, Mayo H, Fisher M. (2003) Are tympanostomy tubes indicated for recurrent acute otitis media?, Journal of Family Practice, 52(5):403-4,406.
- Hooker RS, Mayo HG. (2003) Review of Doctoral Dissertations on Physician Assistants: 1972-2001, Physician Assistant, 27(2):28-34.

- SCC Research Committee Awards (2003), 3rd Place, Posters, South Central Chapter/Medical Library Association, "To Banner or not to Banner: User Research of a Web Marketing Tool", poster session with Sharon Giles, Herldine Radley, Therona Ramos, and Jospeh Tan
- 2004 FPIN Certificate of Appreciation
- SCC Research Committee Awards (2002), 2nd Place, Posters, South Central Chapter/Medical Library Association, "Gathering Customer Input Prior to Home Page Redesign: An Ontological Study", poster session with Katherine Alexander, Karen Harker, Shelley McKibbon, Mori Lou Higa Moore, and Laura Wilder
- 2002-2003 FPIN certificate of appreciation

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